Naughton Scholarships 2018

Naughton Scholarships 2018

The Naughton Scholarships 2018 for STEM Undergraduates applications are now open.

There are 36 scholarships available to the value of €20,000 ie € 5,000 for each year of the students’ third level course. The aim is to promote the study of engineering, science and technology at third level by students in Ireland.  Each year from February to May Leaving Certificate students can apply for a scholarship if they intend on studying science, engineering or technology at third level that year.

They are particularly interested in students applying to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related subjects rather than the more practical sciences (Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary, Physiotherapy etc).  All applications are reviewed in August each year and the winners of scholarships are notified in September.  Full details on who is eligible to apply for a scholarship, the terms and conditions applicable to the scholarships and answers to frequent questions are contained below.


All second-level students:

  • Who have been attending a recognised school in the Republic of Ireland for at least two years immediately preceding the sitting of the Leaving Certificate examination;
  • Who are sitting examinations in at least two of the following Leaving Certificate science and maths subjects – Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Physics and Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Agricultural Science, Technology and Design and Communication Graphics (the “Applicable Subjects”);
  • Who intend in the year immediately following their Leaving Certificate to pursue a full-time undergraduate programme of three or more year’s duration in engineering, science or technology related courses, in any publicly funded university or third level institution in Ireland, including Northern Ireland.

What kind of third level courses are eligible for scholarships?

Nearly all third level courses of three or more year’s duration in any publicly funded university or third level institution in Ireland, including Northern Ireland, related to the fields of engineering, science and technology will be eligible for scholarship. Any course must be recognised by and registered with the CAO system or the UCAS system. Courses in England, Scotland and Wales are not eligible. Please note that there is not a definitive list of acceptable courses as there are so many courses on offer through all the universities and colleges that it would be impossible to have an exact list.  However in general scholarships are only awarded for courses that are general science, technology, maths and engineering degrees rather than more focused practitioner courses in dentistry, medicine, nursing, veterinary or architecture or actuarial ones. If in doubt as to whether your chosen course is eligible, please email or see Guidance Counsellor Miss Christie for further details.

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