Free School Meals for All, Beginning Monday

Free School Meals for All, Beginning Monday


We are very pleased to announce that, through the Department of Social Protection and the School Meals Programme, Ennis Community College is now able to provide a breakfast and lunch provision to all students free of charge.

The School Meals Programme aims to provide regular, nutritious food to children.  Research has shown that inadequate nutrition impacts negatively on children’s ability to learn and benefit from education.  Proper nutrition can improve children’s ability to concentrate, improve behaviour and encourage children to attend school.  The School Meals Programme is an important component of policies to encourage school attendance and extra educational achievement by children.

As part of this programme all students will be entitled to a breakfast before school from 8.15am to 8.50am (toast, cereal, tea and  fruit), and/or  at 11.15am (rice cakes/yogurt/scone and fruit) all for free.

A small filled roll, fruit and water will be provided at lunch time 1.15pm each day all for free.  If your child would like a bigger lunch or a hot food option this is available for €2 extra.

We will be beginning this free provision from Monday 7th November, and we are providing the free options to the end of the school year at which point we will evaluate the School Meals Programme. If your child has any specific dietary requirements or if you do not wish your child to partake in the programme please let the Year Head know.

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