Evening Classes in Ennis Community College

Hi all,

Ennis Community College has had a long history of providing evening classes.  We have, over the last number of decades opened our doors to the community, and provided a wide range of classes, and we continue to do so.

We are currently accepting enquiries regarding our evening classes.

We have something for everyone!

If you wish to learn a new skill/hobby, meet new people, then our evening classes would suit you. If you would like to suggest a course, please do so!  We are open to new course ideas.

Classes are held on Monday evenings (except in the instance of bank holidays).  The usual start time is 7pm but this can change.  Usual duration is 2 hours long.

All participants must be registered prior to classes commencing. Arrangements will be made with class groups to register and pay fees, prior to start date and time.  To register your details, please complete the online evening form

All interested parties will be contacted prior to the proposed course start date –  (usually via text or email) with the payment arrangements.  Fees are payable in advance.


All learners attending evening classes must be 18 years or over.


I hope to see you this October!


Kind Regards,

Elizabeth Moroney

Director of Evening Classes



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